Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links, our tips and tricks!

Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links, decks, tips, tricks ... our guide to getting started

Get Free Gems


In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, it is possible to obtain free gems (except duels):

  • Occasionally, exclamation points will appear in the four locations of the game. Click on it and with luck you will get gems or some other reward.
  • Each place has an element in the setting that can win you free gems: the fountain located at the bottom of the Gate, the streetlights upstream of the PvP Arena, the holocarte above the shop and the gray trash bottom To the left of the map studio. Click on it and cross your fingers!

Get Gold Free


In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you can get gold for free by winning duels, progressing through the game (completing missions) or selling cards to the Card Changer. Free Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gems Hack

How to reroll?


In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, after the tutorial, you have to go to the store to open a free pack of cards. If the print does not suit you, you can modify it by performing a “reroll”. To do this, you just need to uninstall the application just after you open the package, wait ten minutes, reinstall the application, redo the tutorial and go back to the shop to open the free package. The game of cards will be different!

Win XP


In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you can increase the level of your characters by winning duels that will allow you to generate experience. The more powerful your opponents are, the faster you progress. Note that fighting Le Vagabond grants more XP than usual so do not hesitate!

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Decks for beginners

Deck “Powers of Darkness”


Here are the recommended cards as the basis for a beginner deck “Powers of Darkness”. To be completed with the cards of your choice (according to the ones you have available).

Cards Types Amount Where to get it? Picture
Elemental Demon Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Elemental Soldier Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Dragon Zombie Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  

Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Elementary Magician Monster 2 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Shadow Ghoul Monster 2 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Sword of Black Destruction Magic 3 Beat Joey  


Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Banner of Courage Magic 1 Departure Deck of Yami Yugi  


Deck "Powers of Darkness"

Curse of aging Trap 3 Pack Ultimate  

Deck "Powers of Darkness"


Deck “Top Performance”


Here are the recommended cards as the basis for a beginner deck “Performance at the top”. To be completed with the cards of your choice (according to the ones you have available).

Cards Types Amount Where to get it? Picture
Elemental Dragon Monster 3 Pack Neo-Impact  


Deck "Top Performance"

Ancient Dragon Monster 3 Pack Neo-Impact  


Deck "Top Performance"

Bird of faith Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Top Performance"

Bird with red skull Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Top Performance"

White Dragon with Blue Eyes Monster 1 Kaiba Death Deck or Beat Kaiba (Tutorial)  


Deck "Top Performance"

Oiseau du Soleil crimson Fusion 1 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Top Performance"

Polymerization Magic 1 Progress with Joey up to level 5  


Deck "Top Performance"

Plume of Gulldos Magic 1 Beat one of the legendary duellists  


Deck "Top Performance"

Banner of Courage Magic 1 Departure Departure Yami Yugi or Kaiba  


Deck "Top Performance"

Follow the wind Magic 1 Beat May  


Deck "Top Performance"

Curse of aging Trap 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Top Performance"


Deck “Sorcery Level 7”

Here are the recommended cards as the basis for a beginner deck “Ritual Level 7”. To be completed with the cards of your choice (according to the ones you have available).

Cards Types Amount Where to get it? Picture
Whale fortress Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Guardian of the Skulls Monster 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Summoner of the arsenal Monster 3 Age of Discovery Pack  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Skelengel Monster 2 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Dark Magician Monster 1 Death of Yami Yugi or Beat Yami Yugi (Tutorial)  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Black Dragon with Red Eyes Monster 1 Deck of Joey or Rex  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

White Dragon with Blue Eyes Monster 1 Kaiba Death Deck or Beat Kaiba (Tutorial)  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Oath of the Fortress Whale Magic 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

The Prayer of Novox Magic 3 Pack Ultimate Rising  


Deck "Sorcery Level 7"

Fifa 17: the trick to score every time

On September 29th, fans of video games and football will be able to discover version 17 of the famous game.

Fifa 17 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles starting this Thursday, September 29th. Among the novelties of this year, EA Sports has renewed its techniques to score. Thus, the days will be able to perform new striking styles like stitched heads. FIFA 17 Coins Hack Online

But a British youtuber specialist Fifa nicknamed Kosh has already spotted a bug in the game. Indeed, he found a way to score goals every time. To do this, it is necessary to center at the last moment before the ball clears the goal-line. The technique would also work on corners in two stages. The goalkeeper does not have time to react and the defenders are too far. Check out his tutorial below.

Kosh unveils a bug from Fifa 17

In addition to this bug that EA Sports will likely rectify, football fans will find the twelve playable demo clubs: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter, Paris Saint Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, Seattle Sounders FC , Bayern Munich, Tigres UANL (Mexico) and Gamba Osaka (Japan). New stadiums will also be available.

Csr racing 2: top-10 tips and cheats you need to learn

If you have often wanted to personal a super tight low riders, csr racing 2 may be the dearest you will get and never have to spend a couple of hundred fantastic.

Csr racing 2 is naturalmotionist further edition receive speed, and it is simply presented to the app store. If you believed the primary model looked outstanding, your brain will probably come once you observe what you have done with csr racing 2.

Just like the original, the development team went to the heavy generate meticulously detailed, super realistic cars. With several years of developments in cellular gaming technology at your fingertips, natural motion made offers personal auto accumulate in art.

We have used csr racing 2 through its paces and the specified manual for getting the respect and many gold to place everyone in to a collector class all your private.

– the first vehicle

– how to battle

– solo racing

– online race

– fumigation to

replace –

– Focus

– fusing

– customizing

– joining a team

accumulate Car –

– Summary

The first car

under the main features of the csr sporting operation could be the ideal detailed vehicles. There is a level of precision that is unmatched sport by another automobile related. We are not only cool discuss insights and shadows from which the cover. Each car is officially licensed by a genuine manufacturer. Consequently, the vehicles were created as you were real, all the way down to the stitching on the interior. And, yes, in csr 2, you can open the doors to acquire and launch a superior appear inside in the sprint, seats, and internal lining.

They are talented 130 gold too much help buying your first car. That is sufficient cash to select certainly one of the eight tier1 vehicles: the cooper, golf gti, hundai velo-art, dodge dart mopar i13, scion frs, ford fiesta street, and abarth 500.

Most of the basic AUTOMOBILE have equivalent performance requirements so that your choice is to do more about the model you want and as other things.

When you get your first car, it really is brought to your garage that is part rock. Rather than the vehicle only appear in its area, the possibilities rollup inside your virtual storage and it gradually Display devices, with the camera transition from side to top-down, get in to really a big a have a look at your new drive ,

Spend some time looking at your car. Get your hand on the display to determine it out unique aspects. Tap the door to available it up and look at the inside. Do not forget to nip-to-glide in. You can’t get into the car yet, anyway, you can get quite a excellent view of the function detail. Put the lid to check out your engine. You will end up satisfied with how real all sees it.

It is possible to consider screen shots, as well as real-time film of the use nice fresh travel re-play in the recovery.

Once you have offered your car the once-over double, it really is time and energy to hit the trails.

How to competition

only draw than the original csr racing, this may be a racing game. Each travel lower a straight road at a speed far above one hundred mph, rough against only one challenger. Events are less than 1/4-mile long and usually consider for 15 seconds if your slower.

Pedal your engine to rev to the initial brand, water tap to the gasoline. Keep a great harmony of sunshine cockroaches to stay in the green while rev. If you should be while in the Natural once the countdown ends, you will generate a great start price. This updated in early technician is significantly better than that before the game because you can easily see to determine if you are inside the green if you have gone above or below in the red.

Change is comparable. The moment the gauge reaches the green zoom, tap the pedal to move. A perfectly shift also enable to obtain many additional cash. Most races are so small that you simply will only transfer switch 3 or 4 times.The mechanic can also be a lot better than the primary csr racing sport because it is able to see the judge if you are found closer to the ideal shift and how much room you have to be down.

Do not forget to use your nitrous. Even though you consider you mean before your opposition, he is able to bomb you in a moment deploy its n20, so be ready for a speedy speed jump. Tap the nitrous option to the left side of the screen to essentially strike highest speed. also check

CSR Racing 2 Hack Cheats | Free Gold And Coins

Single competitions

Campaign race or manufacturer race will receive the largest pay-out and many things with regard to (rp), but would be the hardest to make. This may be where the premise takes place aswell. Jerry, the staff administrator maintains find cars taken out of his garage and wishes to help your find the impostor. If you help him penetrate crew races, he will have to function in superior with all the leading racers in animal 2.

Fighting the daily enable to get behind the wheel of a rare sports car. Each and every time, it really is random. You will not understand what you are working until you are behind the wheel. The entertaining the input element is a daily challenge is the fact that you can see AUTOMOBILE how different behavior, a few of which you can never arrive at possess as they are cost prohibitive even in the sport.

The corporate She faces tougher opponents slow any time you competition. The higher you will have the more money you make. These races are ideal for earning big dollars if you are desperate to upgrade your drive to carry in your personal manufacturer in challenges.

Legislation competitions are simple race where you never earn a whole lot, but as long as you have propane in your aquarium, you can make many speedy income. They are ideal for work in a brand new car that really needs a lot of updates. Beginners generate competitions and soon you get more parts.

Various pot opportunities are included all the moment. You can earn rp to your crew to the reputation pot or get rare mix components while in the mix demos. Becher activities are limited time limited competitions have to give to some depending on you as a specific automobile or storage areas.

Online race

Live Events this really is where really naturalmotionist effort with Zynga lights. Live contests are where everyone compete against true people for the largest rps. If you enter a stay race, you will choose end up in a position an opponent who is someone in real life waiting for the additional bottom line for everyone to race against.

When you join a manufacturer, you will end up in a position to fight with your collection against other teams. Once you reach tier 2, you should have to drop the clutch itself in staying events.

It is possible to position gamble on live races with your customs Gentle income, “which is not that hard to do inside the recovery. It will not manage to bet with gold.

You are able to go to what is known as a” win talent . “for example, if you win three live events in arow, you are going to win special tips that can enable you earn unique cars. These are rare AUTOMOBILE therefore specific you offered sindn’t get with gold, with only unusual import Tips.

gassing up

much as during the first model, your gameplay will soon be limited by the total amount of fuel you have. the 10-pip reservoir takes about 20-minute (more in the beginning of a game). you can earn pip replacement for enjoying a promotion or tempting to perform friends and family on myspace. you can also refill your aquarium for 20 platinum pieces, but it can erer csr racing 2 hack tool fixed to only the sport to get down a few units. CSR Racing 2 hack tool Fresh pips refill every 5 minutes.

Replace components

even start winning money, you are planning to have to set every penny of it. Upgrade your vehicle in May be it is to upgrade seven unique engine parts: the human body, tires, tranny, engine, turbo, fuel consumption, and nitrous. Each part can be updated by a plurality of stages, and some can be updated or merged with unusual elements.


when you reach a particular level in terms of nitrous, Report, and wheels, it is possible to beat these elements.

Tuning allows you to tune the performance, very on the edge, the element the. By way of example, in the event that you track the nitrous, you will be able to adapt easily as much of the increase is obtained as well as for the length of time. You can help it will last longer, but less present broke the rate improve, or get all-out simultaneously, but limited to a short.

To be if you actually want competatve in the multiplayer competitions, you will need to be consistent intonation your parts to generate your vehicle just a hair faster than your opponents.


some parts could be merged with unusual, unusual or impressive components. These special areas are won as awards. If you update to your specific time (point three or higher, at the lowest), you should use this special upgrades increase to something the statistics of the elements of your car or truck.


guaranteed, you can only battle with a bearing Tinted car, but why would you want to if you can get loud and mad. It is possible to change several chapters of your vehicle: the color-job, interior, paint, brake calipers, and licenses plate. Some change alternative have more sub-adjustments. As an example, once you customize the paint, you will be able to get the systems have to portray personalized or can add to beat sports. You can also choose from some unusual-looking structure skin or woodgrain, if that is what you want.

Adjustments are relatively cheap. It will cost you about $ ensemble two, 500 very fresh for one.
Joining a team

the manufacturer

after you have purchased a couple competitions, you will be capable of joining a people, which is a band of real life gamer could allon be the same group. Joining a crew offers to acquire additional opportunities rare components and new vehicles by entering Events you do k├Ânntenie in the event that you were not a people.

Teams can talk to one another in real time, but you can also pin is to ensure that crew members that are not on-line at a unique time will have a way to determine information later. Those attached chats might as information is provided to crew members so that everyone gets a check when it’s time and energy to meetup for multiplayer races.

Manufacturer occasions require users to meet particular requirements. For example, it could be a staff function that competition will require a abarth 500. Teams can do a lot of prestige or funds for competition, so everyone will want one of acquiring people that particular vehicle can be to help you. A little peer pressure in recovery never damage each.

You can interact for rewards that can be things like rp increases in races and dollar improved if successful gifts. Be a member of a crew is really a significant portion of the play csr racing 2 along with your team’s advancement in the sport effect immediately as well-you interact as a team to be.

Automotive collect

of course, the designers include sport in natural motion would not create specific as much time your virtual AUTOMOBILE search therefore realistically you should did not recognize you want to collect them.

When you visit the showroom, it is possible to choose from more than two-dozen automotive manufactures, choosing your car. As an example, you will be able to choose ferrari and select the check 488 or perhaps the F12berlinetta (the others are only available to win). After that you can choose to buy the stock Color-job, interior, wheels and brake calipers in front you. Then, it will be brought to your storage.

Ability to obtain with the top down – alternative Some of your car are. If you compete on a rainy day, your cover will take backup so the internal does not ruin receive.

You are able to purchase best-of-the-spot activities that prevent cars from Chevrolet, frd, hundai, bmw, audi, fiat ,, mclaren, mercedes-benz, cooper, nissan, scion, vw, subaru, Bugatti, austin martin, bentley, ferrari, jaguar, hennessey, koenigsegg, lamborghini, and pagani. Therefore, as you can see there are certainly raise a large amount of your large vehicle storage.

Final thoughts

csr racing two dodge challenger hellcat

csr racing is by far the biggest jump in gaming technology from one name to another that i have actually noticed. It is different that natural motion has spent days going through four decades focus your craft and refine the look of the whole game.

It will also have built some amazing improvements that make the gameplay more appealing design forever. I performed the first concept a number of instances when it introduced the first and never chose it-up again as it was difficult to advance from a lot of money and time. In csr racing 2, there are always a half dozen activity planning at the same time. It is unusual that you go out of dollars and have nothing to complete.

The extra interpersonal components be a part of a people and the multiplayer factor makes csr racing 2 something that supporters of the drag racing activities could play to get a long time without getting confused by paywalls.

The incredibly detailed car make representations csr racing 2 an electronic playground for fans of collecting sports cars, as long as you do not put mind huge cash down for that very rare material.

Csr racing 2 can be purchased at no cost to the iphone and ipad and it seems the most effective seasoned ipad on. I asked naturalmotionist CEO torsten reil if it were to vent to appletv the whole game at any options and it grants a little excited, “possibly.” ideal TVOS twelve will impress you enough to bring the game to the TV sets inside the near future without desiring airplay.

Have you competed csr racing 2 yet? What are your thinking about the game?

Rammbock (Battle Ram) 12 win decks

This weekend is an exciting challenge again with the new map of the Rammbock (Battle Ram) introduced into the game. In the following I have put together some decks with which the challenge was mastered. Good luck with it and I am always happy about Likes and your comments!

Trymacs Electro-Henker-Rammbock

With this deck, Trymacs has managed 12 victories in the big challenge. Here you can see how to play the deck:

Clash With Ash presents 3 decks of Clash Royale Pro players

Clash Royale Hack Cheats | Free Gems And Gold

In his YouTUbe video, CWA shows 3 decks and some replays for the new map. My personal favorite is the Miner hangman’s deck. Here is the video:

Basics to the game with the Rambock

Orange Juice Clash Royale Hack Cheats shows no special decks but explains very comprehensively the game mechanics with the Rambock. And since it is not only on the deck, but especially on your skill is important, this video is an addition to the above presented decks in any case: